Individualized education for the development of the whole child.

Tribeca Preparatory School is devoted to helping children achieve their learning potential in a supportive and nurturing environment. We embrace our children’s strengths and prepare them for educational success.

Social-Emotional Development

Small teacher ratio (1:1, 2:1, and small groups) to teach students to engage with peers and prepare them for less restrictive learning environments:
Visual and Technological tools utilized to support learning social-emotional and communication skills
Students receive adequate levels of reinforcement to increase skill acquisition and fluency
Individualized Educational Plans developed to address each child's unique educational, communication, and social-emotional needs
Parental, Family and Caregiver support offered through clinics or on an "as needed" basis

Behavioral Program

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) methodology implemented individually and in small groups to help students reach their full potential
Data driven program to access current levels of progress and to determine students future goals
Whole Team collaboration in developing and implementing behavioral plans
"Push in" classroom support to help students learn specific skills to be generalized across different school and community environments

Academic Curriculum

We align our program to the New York State Common Core standards.
English Language Arts (ELA)
Social Studies
Health / Physical Education

Our ultimate goal is to prepare our students for a less restrictive environment by developing their readiness skills to succeed.

Individualized Educational Approach
Our small class size (6-8 children) allows us the flexibility to customize our program for each child to effectively address their learning needs. We start with class in a group setting to acclimate our students to the more traditional learning approach. Children are then separated into smaller groups by learning styles and skill levels. This flexibility allows us to scale towards a 2:1 or 1:1 student-to-teacher ratio as necessary. Each child learns at their own pace in their own space.